Founder and General Manager
Lawyer Nasser AlMulla

The law is the regulator of social life, the pursuit of human development, and the guarantee for peaceful coexistence. It is the subject of justice, the refuge of the weak, and the permanence of the survival of social life. There is no stability except by law, no meeting except under its umbrella, no rights and obligations without it, and no judgment except according to the law.

Therefore, the birth of the law was required on the birth of the first humanitarian meeting. When God created Adam, peace be upon him, He created his wife and housed them in Paradise, and enacted the law for them which banned them from coming close to this tree. When they contravened this prohibition, God punished them.

The human relationship to the law is a relationship of interest par excellence. The human being lives for the interest of life, and he dies when death has an interest. This explains the human being's adherence to life in one place and his desire to die in another place. The interest of any kind, material, spiritual or moral, is the objective of the human being in all cases.

The law, in terms of its origin, consist of ideas conceived to address the problems of life in society and conflict of interests of individuals. Therefore, its existence is necessary with the existence of the human society.